Favorable environment should keep stocks edging higher through first quarter of 2015

-  Despite corrections, stocks will grind higher in new year (3 minute video)

-  External risks are biggest risks for US stock market (5 minute video)

-  Hedge fund chief sees stocks retuning up to 10% (3minute video)

-  Leading forecasters see GDP growing above 3% next year (3 minute video)

-  Fed’s zero rate policy will eventually lead to a recession (4 minute video)

-  Falling natural gas prices driving further deflation (3 minute video)



Steady economic growth means steady stock market gains through year end

-  Fed sees improving business condition on horizon (2 minutes video)

-  All QE efforts combined did not much matter (2 minute video)

-  Float shrink continuing to drive stocks higher (3 minute video)

-  Expect GDP growth of 3% for next few quarters (3minute video)

-  Mid 2015 rate hike still seems in doubt (2 minute video)

-  Technical indicators suggest new highs by year end (2 minute video)

-  Falling oil price good news for consumers (3 minute video)

-  Pros have mixed views on benefits of QE (3 minute video)

-  US Healthcare sector showing strong fundamentals (3 minute video)




US economy moving toward expansion from recovery phase while Euro Zone in need of stimulus program

-  Building pressures likely to cause turbulence in stocks (2 minute video)

-  Bond market yields down on flight to quality (3 minute video)

-  Home price gains slowing but it’s still a seller’s market (2 minute video)

-  With markets peaking, don’t be afraid to own cash (2 minute video)

-  Sluggish Euro Zone moving toward QE easing (2 minute video)

-  Another market apocalypse in the making (2 minute video)


With Fed pulling back and inflation stirring, stocks could be in for bumpy ride during second half of 2014

Market likely approaching high for 2014 (3 minute video)

-  Fed has never gotten it right (3 minute video)

-  Most authorities seem unsure about the economy (2 minute video)

-  Slow growth has been good for stocks (3 minute video)

-  Housing price gains slowing sharply (3 minute video)

-  US equities are the place to be right now (3 minute video)



As stocks climb pros continue to look for 10% decline during second half of 2014

-  Tapering is now increasing risk to stocks in US (3 minute video)

-  False growth abounds everywhere (3 minute video)

-  Slow wage and GDP growth likely through 2015 (3 minute video)

-  Inflation may cause rate hike by mid 2015 (2 minute video)

-  Long time before ten year bond gets above 3% (2 minute video)

-  Emerging markets look positive longer term (2 minute video)


Volatile market ahead will present many buying opportunities in 2014 for long term investors

-  Market looks reasonably good at this point (3 minute video)

-  Better economic numbers will push S&P toward 2000 (4 minute video)

-  Aging capital stock slowly accelerating capex spending (3 minute video)

-  Secular stagnation may keep rates low for years (4 minute video)

-  Probably not wise to sell this May and go away (3 minute video)


Fed money printing and improving economy will support stock gains through mid-year but second half looking risky

-  Look for new highs and second half sell off (3 minute video)

-  Financial assets will deflate when Fed stops printing (2 minute video)

-  Fed will have trouble stopping QE anytime soon (3 minute video)

-  Wage increases likely to trigger rate hike in early 2015 (4 minute video)

-  Look for first Fed rate hike in February 2015 (2minute video)

-  Nothing supporting 3% GDP growth at this point (2 minute video)

-  European deflation calls for monetary easing now (2 minute video)

-  Japanese tax increase likely to cause recession (3 minute video)

-  China massive stimulus spending unlikely (2 minute video)

-  Limited supply driving housing prices today (2 minute video)

Look for high single digit stock market gains in 2014 amid increasing volatility

-  Energy, healthcare and financials have good outlook (2 minute video)

-  US energy revolution will supercharge economy (3 minute video)

-  Equities to continue in multi-decade uptrend (3 minute video)

-  Bonds bad today but S&P 500 index good for long term (2 minute video)

-  Housing sales up in 2014 but likely to weaken in 2015 (4 minute video)

Market mini-panic presenting many buying opportunities for the longer run

-  Good numbers in US will overcome emerging markets pain (4 minute video)

-  Forward earnings guidance starting to cause market jitters (2 minute video)

-  US stocks to produce total return of around 8% in 2015 (2 minute video)

-  China’s banking system of growing concern (3 minute video)

-  Stronger commodity pricing in the pipeline (3 minute video)

Non-stop Fed pumping should drive stocks higher through early 2014

-  Best time ever for stock investors  (4 minute video)

-  Free money driving stocks prices into a bubble  (3 minute video)

-  Stocks fairly valued but headed to overvaluation (3 minute video)

-  Stock market risk has increased significantly over last year (3 minute video)

-  Look for financials, tech and utilities to do well in 2014  (4 minute video)

-  Money printing will not work for stocks longer term (5 minute video)

-  Concern Fed can’t maintain low rates past mid-year (5 minute video)

-  Record stock rally can not continue too much longer (3 minute video)