Time to begin slow retreat from bonds

Coming tsunami of bond refinancing spells risk ahead 

Shorting bonds will be the call of the decade

As rates bottom pros are departing US treasury and agency bonds

High risk in bond market despite availability of investment alternatives 

Views differ widely on economic outlook for the next year

Small business hurting more than data suggests  

While worst is behind us the healing process will take time 

Until housing market improves the economy will flounder

Markets starting to discount double dip and look past elections

Jobs, tax cuts and time will provide steady stock gains

Dr Doom issues warning on slow growth ahead

Favor high quality stocks over bonds for new money commitments

Risk very high in bonds compared to stocks

Small investors fear of double dip far exceeds that of forecasters

Stock outlook favorable despite economy’s glacial improvement

Time to start nibbling on stocks

Best opportunity ever in big cap high quality stocks

Noted bear sees risks passing and opportunities growing in equities

With bad news priced into stocks it’s time to take positions