Volatile market ahead will present many buying opportunities in 2014 for long term investors

-  Market looks reasonably good at this point (3 minute video)

-  Better economic numbers will push S&P toward 2000 (4 minute video)

-  Aging capital stock slowly accelerating capex spending (3 minute video)

-  Secular stagnation may keep rates low for years (4 minute video)

-  Probably not wise to sell this May and go away (3 minute video)


Fed money printing and improving economy will support stock gains through mid-year but second half looking risky

-  Look for new highs and second half sell off (3 minute video)

-  Financial assets will deflate when Fed stops printing (2 minute video)

-  Fed will have trouble stopping QE anytime soon (3 minute video)

-  Wage increases likely to trigger rate hike in early 2015 (4 minute video)

-  Look for first Fed rate hike in February 2015 (2minute video)

-  Nothing supporting 3% GDP growth at this point (2 minute video)

-  European deflation calls for monetary easing now (2 minute video)

-  Japanese tax increase likely to cause recession (3 minute video)

-  China massive stimulus spending unlikely (2 minute video)

-  Limited supply driving housing prices today (2 minute video)

Look for high single digit stock market gains in 2014 amid increasing volatility

-  Energy, healthcare and financials have good outlook (2 minute video)

-  US energy revolution will supercharge economy (3 minute video)

-  Equities to continue in multi-decade uptrend (3 minute video)

-  Bonds bad today but S&P 500 index good for long term (2 minute video)

-  Housing sales up in 2014 but likely to weaken in 2015 (4 minute video)

Market mini-panic presenting many buying opportunities for the longer run

-  Good numbers in US will overcome emerging markets pain (4 minute video)

-  Forward earnings guidance starting to cause market jitters (2 minute video)

-  US stocks to produce total return of around 8% in 2015 (2 minute video)

-  China’s banking system of growing concern (3 minute video)

-  Stronger commodity pricing in the pipeline (3 minute video)

Non-stop Fed pumping should drive stocks higher through early 2014

-  Best time ever for stock investors  (4 minute video)

-  Free money driving stocks prices into a bubble  (3 minute video)

-  Stocks fairly valued but headed to overvaluation (3 minute video)

-  Stock market risk has increased significantly over last year (3 minute video)

-  Look for financials, tech and utilities to do well in 2014  (4 minute video)

-  Money printing will not work for stocks longer term (5 minute video)

-  Concern Fed can’t maintain low rates past mid-year (5 minute video)

-  Record stock rally can not continue too much longer (3 minute video)

With stocks looking extended, it’s a good time for defensive investing

-  Hard to find value in US equity market (3 minute video)

-  Stocks down in short term but outlook favorable longer term(3 minute video)

-  After three decades, bonds entering a bear market (4 minute video)

-  Investors should be edging into emerging markets(4 minute video)

-  Sluggish close to year with acceleration into 2014 (5 minute video)

-  Real time data says economy is slowing (7 minute video)

With stocks at highs and earnings slowing, time to trim winners and take some profits

-  Many red flags flying for US stocks (2 minute video)

-  Investors should be cautious of Fed’s undercurrent (4 minutes)

-  Building dry powder is sound move for small investor (4 minute video)

-  Europe and Japan worthy of investor consideration (4 minute video)

-  UK economy is sound and roaring ahead (3 minute video)

US stock market likely entering difficult two month stretch

-  Tough sledding for next few months (4 minute video)

-  Leading bull now very cautious on stocks (5 minute video)     

-  Fed tapering means higher rates and likely recession (6 minute video)

-  Look for a choppy back and fill stock market (6 minutes)

- US economy stuck in neutral for next few years (4 minute video)

Stocks and bonds stumbling into a turbulent 3rd Quarter

-  Worrying about the second half (5 minute video)

-  The great myths for stocks going higher (5 minute video)

-  Warning – earnings growth negative last quarter (6 minute video)

-  Believing in the growth fairy (6 minute video)

-  Market poised to close down sharply (5 minute video)

-  Bumpy ride immediately ahead for stocks(4 minute video)

-  Look for market to stall over next few months (4 minute video)

Stocks setting up for brief Q3 pullback followed by rally into year end

-  Raise cash for buying into sharp pullback (4 minute video)

-  Stock market has made a top for 2013 (2 minute video)

-  Time to play offense in second half of 2013 (5 minute video)

-  Debunking the great fed myth (3 minute video)

-  IMF cuts global growth rates due to three risks (3 minute video)

-  Possible negative GDP print for second quarter (6 minute video)

-  Gold looks close to bottom (6 minute video)